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European and American Children's fashions, especially in the 19th and early 20th centuries were strongly influenced by the way royal families dressed their children. Queen Victoria was especially influential as so many of her children and grandchildren maired into royal familes throught Europe. Kaiser Wilhelm II, for example, was the Queen's grandson. While the British House of Windsor was the most influential in this regard, other royal families also had great influence, at least in their own countries.

Austrian Habsburgs
Figure 1.--This photograph of the Austrian Habsburgs was taken about 1925, about 7 years after the fall of the monarcy. Prince Otto on the far right still wears short pants. Two years later in 1927 he was photographed in a knicker suit.

The geneology of European royalty is a huge under taking, given the large number of countries and principalities. Major changes have ocurred over time with countries created, dismantleted, and reappearing. Some royal lines extend more than a millenium, others only a few generations. Royal lines can be looked up on the internet with a convenient search engine.

Royal Houses

The following information is available on the royal houses in various countries around the world. Our research has primarily focused on Europe, but we have some information on other areas as well.