European Royalty: Bibliograpy

There is a vast body of literature on European royalty. The focus of course is on their adult lives and acgievements. Many European families by the 19th Centurty, however, were becoming figureheads or at least much less possible. As a result, many of the available books on the later royals have become rather like the modern press. Many of the books do not go into great detail about the lives of the many princess and princes. There is, however, ome treatment of their childhood, including interesting photoplates in some cases.

Some of the interesting books include:

General European

Alford, K. Spoils of War: Theft of Royal Jewels during WWII.(New)
Almanach de Gotha, 1999 Edition.(New)
Aronson, Theo. Crowns in Conflict.(Antiquarian with dustjacket)
Curley, Walter. Monarchs in Waiting.(Antiquarian)
Devere-Summers, A. War and the Royal Houses of Europe.(NEW)
Diesbach, Ghislain de. Secrets of the Gotha.(Antiquarian)
Fenyvesi, Charles. Royalty in exile.(Antiquarian, w/dustjacket)
Eulalia of Spain, Courts and Countries after the War.(Antiquarian)
Louda, Jiri. Heraldry of the Royal Houses of Europe.(NEW)
Marek, George. The Eagles Die.(Antiquarian, w/dustjacket)
Massie, Robert. The Last Courts of Europe.(Antiquarian, w/dustjacket)
Scott, Jonathan. The Twilight of Kings.(Antiquarian, w/dustjacket)
Taylor, Edmond. The Fall of the Dynasties.(Antiquarian, w/dustjacket)
Van der Kiste, John. Crowns in A Changing World.(New)
Watt, Richard. King's Depart.(Antiquarian, w/dustjacket)
Winterhalter and the Royal Courts of Europe.(New)


Barkeley, Richard. The Road to Mayerling.(Antiquarian, w/dustjacket)
Brooks-Shepherd, Gordon. Victims at Sarajevo.(Antiquarian,dustjacket)
Cassels, Lavender. The Archduke and the Assassin.(Antiq/dustjacket)
Cassels, Lavender. Clash of Generations.(Antiquarian,dustjacket)
Empress Elisabeth. A Photoalbum.(NEW)
Kaiser Haus (Habsburg photo collection) (New)
Enache, Nicolas. La Descendance de Marie Therese de Habsbourg.(NEW)
HRH Princess Stephanie. I was to be Empress.(Reprint)
Lonyay, Carl. Archduke Rudolf.(Antiquarian)
Sinclair, Andrew. Death by Fame: Elisabeth and Diana.(Antiquartian)
The Incredible Friendship:letters of Franz Joseph to Katharina Schratt.
Wölfling, Leopold. My Life Story: From Archduke to Grocer.


Carey, Agnes. Empress Eugenie in Exile.(Antiquarian)
Howarth, TEB. Citizen King: Louis-Philippe of the French.(Antiquarian)
Paleologue, Maurice. The Tragic Empress: Eugenie de France.(Antiq)
Ridley, Jasper. Napoleon III and Eugenie.(Antiquarian)
Sackville-West, Vita. Daughter of France.(Antiquarian, dustjacket)
Seward, Desmond. The Bourbon Kings of France.(Antiquarian,dustjacket)
Tisdall, EEP. The Prince Imperial.(Antiquarian, dustjacket)

German States

Battenberg, Princess Marie of. Reminiscences.(Reprint)
Channon, Henry. The Ludwigs of Bavaria.(Antiquarian/dustjacket)
Duff, David. Hessian Tapestry.(Antiquarian/ dustjacket)
Gerard, Noel. Princess Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse and by Rhine.(NEW)
Harold, Albert. Queen Victoria's Sister: Feodora zu Leiningen.(Reprint)
Knodt, Manfred. Ernst Ludwig (in German).(New)
Knodt, Manfred. Regenten von Hessen-Darmstadt (in German).(New)
Koch, A. Prince Alexander of Battenberg.(Reprint)
Ponsonby, D.A. The Lost Duchess: Luise of Saxe-Gotha.(Antiquarian)
Prinzessin Margaret von Hessen und bei Rhein (in German).(New)
Tassigny, Eddie de. Les Mensdorff-Pouilly.(New)
Tuscany, Louisa of. My Own Story.(Antiquarian)


Frederica, Queen of Greece. A Measure of Understanding.(Ant/dustjacket)
HRH Prince Christopher of Greece. My Own Story.(Antiquarian)
Lee, Arthur Gould. The Royal House of Greece.(Antiquarian)
Papanicolau, Lilika. Queen Frederica.(New)
Van der Kiste, John. Kings of the Hellenes.(New)

Low Countries

Aronson, Theo. The Coburgs of Belgium.(Reprint)
Ascherson, Neal. The King Incorporated.(Antid/dustjacket)
Hatch, Alden. Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands.(Antiq/dustjacket)
Holden, Angus. Uncle Leopold.(Antiquarian)
Keyes, Roger. Outrageous Fortune: Leopold III of the Belgians.
Ydevale, Charles d'. Albert and the Belgians.(Antiquarian)


Fischer. The Private Lives of William II and his Consort.(Antiquarian)
Görlitz, Walter. The Kaiser and His Court.(Antiquarian)
HIRM Kaiser Wilhelm II. My Ancestors.(Antiquarian)
HRH Crown Prince Wilhelm. Memories of the German Crown Prince.(RARE)
HRH Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia. The Rebel Prince.(Antiq)
HRH Princess Victoria of Prussia. Memoirs.(Reprint)
Keen, Edith. Seven Years at the Prussian Court.(Reprint)
Topham, Anne. Memories of the Kaiser's Court.(Antiquarian)
Wilson, Lawrence. The Incredible Kaiser.(Antiquarian)
Van der Kiste, John. Frederick III.(Antiq/dustjacket)
Zedlitz-Trutzscher, Robert. 12 Years of Imperial Germany.(Antiq)

The Balkans: Romania/Bulgaria/Yugoslavia

Constant, Stephen. Foxy Ferdinand.(Antiq)
Dimitroff, Pachanko. Clementine d'Orleans: Kingmaker Inveterate.(New)
Elsberry, Terrence. Marie of Romania.(Antiq/dustjacket)
Gerard, Frances. A King's Romance: Milan and Natalie of Servia.(Rare)
Lee, Arthur Gould. Crown Against Sickle: Michael of Romania.(Reprint)
Pakula, Hannah. The Last Romantic.(Dustjacket)
Yugoslavia, Alexandra Queen of. For Love of a King.(Antiq/dustjacket)


Alexis of Russia: A Photoalbum (Russian)(New)
Almedingen, EM. An Unbroken Unity.(Antiquarian)
Benckendorff, Paul. Last Days at Tsarskoe Selo.(Reprint)
Bing, Edward. The Letters of Tsar Nicholas and Empress Marie Feodorovna.
Broek, Pieter. A Romanov Genealogy.(New)
Buchanan, George. My Mission to Russia.(Reprint)
Buxhoeveden, Baroness Sophie. Alexandra Feodorovna.(Reprint)
Buxhoeveden, Baroness Sophie. Before the Storm.(Reprint)
Buxhoeveden, Baroness Sophie. Left Behind.(Reprint)
Eagar, M. Six Years at The Russian Court.(Reprint)
Ferrand, Jacques. Romanov-Fragments de Vie.
Ferrand, Jacques. Le Grand-Duc Paul Alexandrovitch de Russie.
Ferrand, Jacques. Les Familles Princieres de Russia I.
Ferrand, Jacques. Les familles princieres de Russie II.
Ferrand, Jacques. Les Familles Comtales de Russie I.
Ferrand, Jacques. Les Familles Comtales de Russia II.
Ferrand, Jacques. Noblesse Russe: Portraits I, II, III, IV, V, VI.
Ferrand, Jacques. Memoirs of Prince Belosselsky-Belozersky.
Ferrand, Jacques. Descendance Naturelles des Souveraines et Grand-Ducs de Russie, de 1762-1910.
Frankland, Noble. Imperial Tragedy.(Antiq/dustjacket)
Hanbury-Williams, John. Emperor Nicholas II as I Knew Him.(Reprint)
Gilliard, Pierre. Thirteen Years at the Russian Court.(Reprint)
HIH Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna. Education of a Princess.(Antiq)
HIH Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna. A Princess in Exile.(Antiq)
HIH Grand Duke Alexander. Once a Grand Duke.(Reprint)
HIH Grand Duke Alexander. Always a Grand Duke.(reprint)
HIH Grand Duke Cyril of Russia. My Life in Russia's Service.(Reprint)
Kchessinska, Mathilde. Dancing in St. Petersburg.(Reprint)
Massie, Robert. Romanov Family Album.(ANTIQ/DUSTJACKET)
Massie, Suzanne. Pavlovsk: The Life of a Russian palace.(New)
Maud, Renée Elton. One Year at the Russian Court.(Reprint)
Mossolov, AA. At the Court of the Last Tsar.(Reprint)
Mouchanow, Marfa. My Empress.(Reprint)
Nicholas II: The Last Imperial Family.(New)
Nicholas Romanov: Life and Death.(New)
Paley, Princess. Memories of Russia 1916-1919.(Reprint)
Peter and Paul Cathedral: The Romanov Tombs.(New)
Pridham, Sir Francis. Close of a Dynasty.(Reprint)
Radziwill, Princess Catherine. The Intimate Life of the Last Tsarina.
Romanovs Through Times.(New)
Van der Kiste, John. The Romanovs.(New)
Van Der Kiste, John. Victoria Melita.(New)
Viroubova, Anna. Memories of the Russian Court.(Reprint)
Vorres, Ian. The Last Grand Duchess: The Life of Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna.(Second printing)
Youssoupov, Felix. Lost Splendour.(Boxed set)


Chapman, Hester. Caroline Mathilda Queen of Denmark.(Antid/dustjacket)
Greve, Tim. Haakon VII of Norway.(Antiq/dustjacket)
Maria Feodorovna: The Exhibition Catalogue.(New)
Van der Kiste, John. Northern Crowns.(New)


Alcalá, Alvaro. The Fall of a Throne.(Antiq)
Corpechot, Lucien. Memories of Queen Amelie of Portugal.(reprint)
Graham, Evelyn. The Life Story of King Alfonso XIII.(Antiq)
Marquis de Villalonga. The King: Juan Carlos I.(Antiq/dustjacket)
Petrie, Sir Charles. Alfonso XIII.(Antiq/dustjacket)
Wells, Warre Bradley. The Last King: Alfonso XIII.(Antiq)

United Kingdom

Aronson, Theo, Grandmama of Europe.(Reprint)
Ashdown, Dulcie. Victoria and the Coburgs.(Rare)
Ashdown, Dulcie. Royal Children.(Antiq/dustjacket)
Charlot, Monica. Young Queen Victoria.(Antiq./dustjacket)
Cookridge, EH. From Battenberg to Mountbatten.(Antid/dustjacket)
Darling Georgie.(New)
Duff, David. Queen Alexandra.(Antiq/dustjacket)
Foreman, Amanda. Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire.(New)
Frankland, Noble. Witness of a Century.(New)
Godfrey, Rupert. Letters from a Prince.(New)
Hough, Richard. Louis and Victoria: The Mountbattens.(Antid/dustjacket)
HRH Princess Alice. For My grandchildren.(Antiq/dustjacket)
Lamont-Brown, Raymond. Edward VII's Last Loves.(New)
MacLeod, Kirsty. Battle Royal.(New)
Morgan, Janet. Edwina Mountbatten.(Antid./dustjacket)
Plumptree, George. King Edward VII.(Antiq/dustjacket)
Ramm, Agatha. Beloved and Darling Child. Letters of Victoria to the Empress Frederick: 1886-1901.(New)
Röhl, John, et al. Purple Secret.(New)
St.Aubyn, Giles. The Royal George: The Life of the Duke of Cambridge.
Tisdall, EEP. Unpredictable Queen: Alexandra.(Antiq)
Van der Kiste, John. Childhood at Court.(New)
Watson, Sophia. Princess Marina of Greece.(Antiq/dustjacket)
Zeepvat, Charlotte. Prince Leopold.(New)

Christopher Wagner

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