*** Atlantic Slave Trade modern duiscussion

The Atlantic Slave Trade: Modern Discussions

Atlantic Slave Trade
Figure 1.--Professor Rafe Heydel-Mankoo presents facts about both the modern impact of the Trans-Atlantuic Slave Trade and colonialism in general. It is interesting to watch the reaction of the students when they are presented with facts that woke educators have cenored and want to keep from them and out of modern discussions, charging that people who want a more comprehensive discussions are racists. Click on the image to hear his presentation.

The horrors of slavery, both the European and Arab Indian Ocean slave trade are not a matter of contention. A moral failure with both Christian and Islamic society. The horrors are historical fact and needed to be reported and remembered. The modern discussion of slavery is very different. Here woke universities and media seek to manage the discussion and prevent a real discussion of the issues. The reality is that the descendants of the people transported to the Americas are more prosperous than the descendants of those not transported. This is especially true of African-Americans and the modern population in former British Caribbean colonies. You never hear that in the American and British discussions of slavery. The fact that it was the British Royal Navy and British colonial administrators that ended the slave trade is also rarely mentioned. Another troubling issue is that it is the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade that is the focus of modern discussion. Not only is the Arab Indian Ocean slave trade rarely discussed, but the specter of modern slavery is largely ignored. You would think that those really concerned with social justice would focus their attention on modern slavery where it is possible to actually assist the victims of this insidious institution. Now all of this does not justify inequities in modern America and Britain or other countries. These are serious issues that need to be addressed, but again woke thinking seeks to manage discussions and absolutely close off any consideration of the very real contributing factors other than racial prejudice. This is an issue that needs to be addressed, but limiting the discussion does nothing to advance the needs of the people affected. It is interesting to watch the reaction of modern students, indoctrinated by woke thought when exposed to important questions and historical fact. 【Heydel-Mankoo】


Heydel-Mankoo, Rafe. "Cambridge Union motion for debate: "The House Should Pay Reparations". Held at Cambridge University" (2022).


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