Boys' Preparatory Schools: Details

Boys' Preparatory Schools is a 125-page hard cover book with about 250 never before published photograps taken at visits to over 100 preparatory schools during the 1980s. Most of the photographs are black and white images, but there is also several full color images.

Traditional British prep schools were boarding schools, but day schools in recent years have become increasingly important.
The images depict the children at play, in their classrooms, on the sports field, and in the dormitories. Chapters on classes, activities, boarding, girls, individuals, relogioin, and other subjects.

Combined with the photographs are drawings and writings by the children themselves, providing unique insights into their unique assessments of their schools and education.

An historical essay explains the development of these unique schools and follows their evolution over time. There is also a brief discussion of the issuesfaced by the modern preparatory school.

The photographs, art work, and written material come from over 100 schools. Most are English schools, but also included are British preparatory schools in Italy, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, Ulster, and Whales.

Boys' Preparatory Schools
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