Boys' Preparatory Schools: Written pieces by the children

Boys' Preparatory Schools includes about 200 written pieces by the children. Many of these pieces are the musings of the average child, providing insights into what the children in the pictures actually think about their schools, friends, teachers, the dreaded school lunch,

Traditional British prep schools were boarding schools, but day schools in recent years have become increasingly important.
and school expriences. They recall there first days at schook, mummy and daddy coming to Sports Day, explosions, in the science lab, and liver for lunch. (One can't help wonder about the planning process which came up with liver for a school luncvh.) Other pieces are very insightful works, offering rare views of the modern preparatory school. One of our favorite pieces is a boy explaining that quinsebncila British schoolboy experience, the concor wars. Few if any Americans have ever heard of concors. Then there was a very insightful little girl explaining to the new girls at a mostly boys' school what those silly boys were like.

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