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Individual Illustrators: Information on Boys' Fashions

Figure 1.--This wonderful illustration by Florence Edith Storer from the Golden Age of Illustration was done in 1909. It shows two girls and a boy in a heavy wind. Notice the boy's sailor collar flying in the wind.

HBC has collected quite a bit of information on illustrators who have drawn images of children over the years. The earliest illustrator od children's images os probanly Kate Greenway and her classisal drawings. One of the first important Anmericam illustrators is Reginald Birch and his illustrations for Little Lord Fauntleroy. By the turn of the 20th century, advances in color lithograpy provided illistrators to present thir wotk ditrectly to the public. The result was some of the most beautiful illustrations of childhood ever produced--the Golden Age of Illustrtions. Some of the illustrators provie rather mundane drawings. Others illustrations provide wionderful insights into childhood and the clothes worn by children. Unfortunately, relatively little information is available on may of these artists. This is in part because illustrators are not often regarded as serious artists by art historians. The images that they produce, however, have in many cases had a greater cultural impact than that of the great masters. The illustrators are listed alphabetically as indicated below.




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