Artists Illustrating Boys' Fashions: A.L. Eckardt (Germany, 18??-??)

Figure 1.--Here we see what we believe to b the sons and daughters of a prominent Denver family, probanly in the 1880s. We are not sure why they were done in porselin. Click on the image to see his sister.

A.L. Eckardt was a listed German artist. He apparently worked with Dresden porcelin factories. His portraits were done in porcelin and then hung like regular painted portrasits. We are mpt sure how popular this media was. We note a pair of portraits from a Denver family. We wonder if the family visited Dresden. Or perhaps just sent photographs to Dresden. Of course it is possible that a German family emigrated to America, but I don't think that it was very common for well-to-do Germans to emograte. The two porcelins were done by KPM. We are not entirely sure why a mother would want a porcelin rasther than a painted portrait. Perhaps she loved fine porcelin.


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Created: 6:48 AM 6/5/2006
Last updated: 6:48 AM 6/5/2006