** Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller Family Odolek

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller: Family Odolek (Austria, 1826)

Figure 1.--

Waldemüller painted several family prtraits. While we have the dates for those portraits we know very little about the family other than the father's family name. Perhps this information exits and we will be able to add it, but at this time we have been unable to find it. The family here is the family Odolek. And we know nothing about them. But there are wonderful depiction of popular fashion. Of course we are here talking about the elite of Austrian, probably Vienese, society who could afford a painted portrait from a talented artist. Father seems to be wearing two coats with a high collar. Mother wears a dress with a low neckline and an elaborate curled hairdo that had red bows mixed within the curls. Their two boys who look to be about 3-7 years old wear skeleton suits with elaborate open collars wihout neckwear. Their suits have black jackets and white/tan long pants. The older boy has ringlet curls. The younger boy's hair has not yet been curled.


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