American Film Stars: Gary Cooper (1901?- )

Figure 1.--Here Gary Cooper at age 2 years wears a wide brimmed sailor hat and a tunic suit. The portrait would have been taken about 1903 while he was still in Momtana.

Gary Cooper was one of the most popular film heros during the 1940s and earkly 50s. He acted in many westerns. One of the best known films is "High Noon" with Grace Kelly, certainly one of my favorite westerns. He was raised as a boy on a ranch in Montana. We note a portrait of him at age 2 years wearing a broad-brimmed sailor hat and a tunic suit. His mother came to think he needed to be civilized. He looked very civilized at age 2, but apparently was developing wild ways. His mother when Gary was 8 yeats old sent to live with his grandmother in England (1909). He was enrolled in Dunstable School. The school uniform consisted of short trousers. He left in 1912 to return to Montana. He recalls, "I talked like a genuine Britisher, and my clothes were a riot. I must confess, the girls and the teacher rather liked my short trousers, my Eton collar and my straw hat. But the boys went mad. They said I was a 'cissy,' and got socked for saying it." [Jeffrey Meyers. Gary Cooper: American Hero (William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1998]


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Created: 3:25 AM 1/21/2006
Last updated: 3:25 AM 1/21/2006