Biographies: Bing Crosby (United States, 1903-77)

Figure 1.--Here are three of the four boys from Bing's first marriage. They were commonly dressed alike. These self-belted shorts were popular in the 1940s.

Bing Crosby was one of the most beloved American singers. Not only was he known as the country's preeminent crooner, but he appeared in several important movies. He had four boys from his first marriage who were often pictured dressed alike. Bing apparently was very strict disiplinarian. Gary has described in detail the brutal treatment to which he and his brothers were subjected by singer father Bing Crsby. He says that were countless rules and regulations for the boys. Violation were cause for a variety of punishment from deprivation of privliges to whippings. There were so many rules that it was just not possible to violate some. As a result there was constant tension in the house. Bing was not wild, but very methodical about discipline. Bing apparently mellowed after marrying his second wife Catherine. Gary says that he and his brothers would often be dressed up in nice outfits for visitors or press people. There are several shots of the boys in shorts. It would be back in jeans and work clothes after they left. Bing two boys with Catherine were dressed in short pants suits and knee socks.


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Created: 12:08 AM 3/3/2005
Last updated: 11:41 PM 3/13/2019