*** American boys clothes: James Dean

James Dean (United States, 1931-55)

James Dean
Figure 1.--Here we see Hollywood icon Janmes Dean as alittle boy. he klooks go be about 4 years old. Hec wearsc bi-front shirts. The photograph would have been taken about 1934. .

James Dean is one of the most iconic figures in Hollywood histoy. He captured the image of the sensitive, brooding, non conformist rebel in the 1950s who movie goers still connect with today. James was was born in Marion, Indiana during the Depression (1931). His father, Winton, was a farmer who decided to become a dental technician--quite a career change. He moved the family to Santa Monica, California. James' mother who he was very close to passed away from cancer when he was only 9 years old (1940). His father decided he could not raise James alone. He was sent back to Indiana. He grew up on his aunt's and uncle’s Quaker farm. James never really forgave his father. He was a good student and popular in high school He played basketball as already exhibited an interest in drama. After graduating he returned to California with his dog Max to live with his father who had remarried after World War II service had remarried. Dean made very few movies which is surprising given the impact he had on Hollywood. His movies were: 'East of Eden' (1955). 'Rebel Without a Cause' (1955), and 'Giant' (1956). And he only saw one actually completed. He was killed in his beloved Porsche 550 Spyder he named ;the Bastard when he collided with another vehicle. He was only 24 years old. A tragic death at such a young age fit in perfectly with his chosen film persona. His film portrait, clothes, and had a huge impact on popular culture occurring at a time that rock music was being launched. His impact was most strongly felt with teenagers. When someone says 1950s style, you think about a white-T-shirt, leather jacket, and jeans with a lather belt. One fashion expert writes, "The quality was in this: a totally cool, totally stripped back wardrobe. He took basic items, such as denim jeans and white T-shirts, and made them look sophisticated through confident (and unconventional) styling, as well as immaculate accessories." 【Fearon】 He also favored a preppy item-- a V-neck sweater.


Fearon, Faye. "Seven essebtials to steal from Janes Dean's wardrobe," (February 8, 2020).


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