Figure 1.--Edgar Aldermann from Philadelphia was photographed at age 7 years. He wears long ringlets and a large delicate lace collar. We are not sure what kind of garent he is wearing.

Edgar Aldermann (United States, probably 1890s)

Edgar Aldermann had his portrait taken in a Philadlphia, Pennsylvania studio. Philadelphia at the time was one of the most important and staid cities in America. The portrait is undated, but we would estimate the 1890s. Concerning the date, here we are not certain, primarily because the full outfit is not shown and the lace collr is rather unusual. We know little about the boy. He was 7 years old. The ringlets and emaculate lace collar suggest he cam from an affluent family. The hair is done in long, tight ringlets and front bangs. The hair at the crown is done unusually. Notice the lace collar. It looks to be expensive lace rather than more moderately priced ruffles. Also it does not appear to be a part of the garment that the boy is wearing, but rather simply went on top of it, rather like a pullover. We have not noted mnany such collars. Notice how it stands up at the houlders like a pinafore. Presumably it was heavily starched. The e-Bay seller describes "Long curls, and fancy lace dress". Edgar certainly does hve long ringlet curls. We believe, however that a blouse or tunic suit is more likely than a dress. The only detailing we note or buttons set to the side. A tunic suit would date the image more to the lkate 1890s or early 1900s. The lace with a blouse rather than ruffled collar suggests more the late 1880s or early 90s. It is not possible to be sure, however, as the portrait does not ho the entire garment.


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Created: September 20, 2002
Last edited: 7:12 PM 3/2/2008