Frank Bailey (United States, about 1915)

Figure 1.-- The peaked school cap is most associated with English school boys, but American boys also wore them. The cap here with colored piping almost certainly was a uniform cap at a private school.

Here is a full-length studio portrait of Frank Bailey. Frank is an American boy born in 1900. He looks as though he were about 15 or 16 in this posed portrat. This surely is a school portrait because he is wearing what a school cap with piping, presumably in the school colors. This suggests he attended a private school. American boys at the turn of the 20th century commonly wore these caps, but not ones with colored piping like Franl's cap here. Frank wears a formal three-piece knicker suit with a small Eton collar. He also wears long black stockings and hightop shoes with metal hooks for lacing. Often American private schools did not have an actual uniform, but required the boys to wear suits. Frank also wears a formal watch chain with fob on his waistcoat (vest). Notice the stiff detachable white colar, worn with collar pins to keep it in place. He has got something in his jacket pocket that makes the coat hang a bit awkwardly. The photo would have been taken in about 1915. We do not know the location, but we suspect a northeastern state.


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Created: 11:21 PM 9/22/2006
Last edited: 11:21 PM 9/22/2006