Figure 1.--This charming cabinet card portrait of a young boy about 3 years old is identified as Burt Dodge, as written in ink on the back of the card. We know nothing about Bert and his family. His outfit suggests that they lived in coimfortable circumstances. Bert is dressed in a frilly Fauntleroy blouse shirt with a large bow at the neck. He has a kilt suit. These kilt suits were one of the most populsar outfits for younger boys at the time. The jacket is a small Fauntleroy -style jacket designed to best display the fancy blouse.

John Edison Doan (United States, 1898)

Here we see John Edison Doan with his family in 1898. They wre photographed in Rainier Oregon. Their parents are John Henry Doan and Jarrett Adaline Doan. The girls are Jane Elizabeth, Addie Mae, and Nellie Vashti. The children look to be about 6-12 years old. John may be about 8-9 years and has very short hair. He wears a Fauntleroy blouse with a fancy front and large ruffled collar. We can't tell much about the suit other than it is a knee pants suit. The girls seem to be wearing pinafore dresses. All the children seem to be wearing black long stockings. The exposur privides few details about the dresses and suit. The photograph is interesting because it is was taken outdoor and not a studio shot. We begin to see amteir snapshots in the 1890sm bit only in the 1900s do we see them in large numbers. The photograph here is 6 x 8 in with no bordr.


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