Figure 1.--Here we have a portrait of a Scottish boy wearing a Fauntleroy outfit. Unfortunately we have little actual information about the portrait. We believe that the boy's name is Morrison, but we are not positive. We do not know his first name. Click on the image to see if you can read the back of the card.

Notdlota Brothers (United States, about 1890)

Here we see three boys who are identified on the back of the cabinent card. Unfortunately the writing is not clear. It looks to be Nordlota, but that is not a name we recognize. Perhaps a HBC reader will have a better idea. Unfortunately someone has marked over the names. We do know their first names: Bill, George, and Henry. The boys look to be about 2-4 years of age. The older boy may be 5 years old, but 4 years seems more likely. Their parents were Libbie Smith Nordlota. The portrait was taken by the NAS New Gallery in Denver, Colorado. It looks to have been taken about 1890. The boys are wearing dresses and a suit. The dresses are simple white frocks. This provides a good idea of when the boys were breeched. Unfortunately we do not have the precise date that the portrait was taken. The portrait does suggest that by the 1890s that boys were being breeched at a younger age than previously. It may be that boys in western states were being breeched earlier than in the important eastern cities.


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