Figure 1.-- Here is Joseph Smith. He is wearing a knickers suit with stripped kneesocks about 1940. He looks to be be out for a park outing or perhaps it is after school. Click on the image tonsee Joseph with his brother Charles in a First Communion suit.

Joseph and Charles Smith (United States, 1940-41)

Here we see Joseph Smith in a knicker suit, probably the suit that he wore to his German school. Click on the image to see Joseph with his brother Charles. They are dressed in new knicker suits, probably blue. Charles is wearing his suit for his First Communion. Knickers at the time were rapidly going out of style. A HBC reader tells us, "My father's name is Joseph P. Smith, Jr. I have a photograph of him wearing knickers and striped kneesocks. Another photograph shows my dad (the taller one) and my uncle, Charles Smith. Both were students at St. Henry's (German) school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The photographs were taken about 1941. My dad was born in 1932. Their mother was German. In the other picture, it appears that my uncle, with the fancy armband, was celebrating his First Communion."


Jacqueline, E-mail message, October 2, 2005.


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