Figure 1.--This quarter plate daguerreotype portrait of three well-dressed brothers was taken in May 1852. Thgey wear identical suits. Note the collar buttoning jackets with a row of front buttons, perhaps brrass. They all have white shirt collars which show, but the collars are all different. Note that the motif had no relationship to the portrait inside.

Newton Fields Waters (United States, 1867- )

This cabinet card portrait shows Newton Field Waters who on the back we lean was born February 11, 1867. He looks to be about 6 years old which would mean that that the portrait was taken about 1873. By this time the cabinet card was already replacing the CDV as the standard American photographic portrit type. Newton wears a standard knee pants sailot suit. The sailior suit was beginning to be a important style for boys. We can clearly see the V-front, but there is only minimal striping which is repeated on the knee pants. Notioce the bows, mom sems to have gone in for bow overkill, although they are not large like the ones we begin to see in the 80s, there are two prominant bows on the sailor blouse, plus akind of bow te at the neck. The bow are the thin ribbon ties, not the scarves that American boys would later begin to wear. Also notice the dark striped stockings whichbseem to match the suit. Striped stockings were very popular in the 1870s. We know that Newrton lived in New York. The studio was Howell with a prestigious location on Broadway.


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