Figure 1.--The caption of this photograph read, "Governor's son in training. John Albert, 12 year old son of Governor Friend Richardson of California, takes his first lesson in military life at the state national guard encampment at Fort Mc Arthur. Photo shows Capt. Carl S.Doney, senior instructor showing him to handle an officer's sword. It would have been taken about 1925.

Friend William Richardson (U.S., 18??-19??)

Friend William Richardson was raised from a Quaker family in Michigan. He was newspaper publisher. A state park in Humboldt County was named after him. He was govenor of California from 1923-27. A photograph in the 1920s shows him his 12-year old son at a National Guard camp wearing a knickers suit. One wonders what his Quaker grandparents might have thought about this. We have no information at this time about John Albert, the govenor's son.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: October 17, 2002
Last updated: October 17, 2002