Islam and Peace: Modern Violence

Figure 1.--.

Far more troubling is that in our modern world there have been unspeakable horrors committed by Muslims in the name of Islam. There have been such occurances in just about every Muslim state. These are difficult to understand when so many Muslims are convinced that Islam is a religion of peace. We are not saying that most Muslims around the world engage in violence or even support it. This would be an inaccurate interpretation. There seems to be a substantial mumbers of Muslims that are provoked to violence by Islamic teachings. We can not quantify the percentage of Muslims that have been so inspired, but in a major religion like Islam, even a small percentage can be a very substantial number of individiduals. The question we raise is can a religion that provokes such violence truly be a religion of peace. Here we will survey the Muslim world for such acts of violence.



Islamic fundamentalists carried out a vicious campaign to over throw the Algerian government. Civilians were targeted and thousands were murdered.


Islamic fundamentalists have targeted tourists. A priority target has been Isreali tourists in Siani resorts. Fundamentalists have also targeted Western tourists in the Mile valley archeolgical sites.


Islamic fundamentalists have targeted Australian tourists, especially on Bali. Islamic fundamentalists also target Indonuesian Christians. Islamic fundamentalists decapitated three Christian schoolgirls and dumped their severed heads in nearby villages (2005). The three were sentenced to terms of 14-20 years (2007). [World, March 22, 2007.]


Religious violence in Iraq has become indemic. The most deadly attacks have been on mosques and markets with large numbers of people assembled. The worst attacks have been committed by Sunni on Shiia, but both sides have participated in the violence. Areas of the country with mixed populaions are been clensed of the group that locally is in the minority.


Islamic terrorists from Morocco seem to have played a key role in the Madrid train attacks (2006). Islamic fundamentalists precented from usung the computers in an internet cafe to find information on bomb making returned to blow up themselves, the owner, and patrons.


We note constant attacks in Pakistan. The country is a majority Sunni nation and many of these attacks have targeted Shiia, often while wirshiping in their Mosques.

Saudi Arabia

Isalmic findamentalists from Saudi Arabia carried out the terror attack on the Twin Towers in Mew York (2001).



Islamic fuundamentalists have targeted non-Muslims in the southern provinces with large Muslim populations. A priority target seems to be teachers.


Islamic findamentalists in Turkey have targeted barious groups with bomb attacks.


"World in Brief", Washington Post (March 23, 2007), p. 17.


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