Boys Clothing Styles: 2020s

Figure 1.--.

Fashion designers like to project future trends. Here are some of the assessments about what boys will be wearing inthe future.

Tommy Hilfinger: 2025

Time asked Tommy Hilfiger what he forsaw for 2025. The designer forsees stylish adolescents continuing to wear clothes emblazoned and contured to fit the body. He also sees electronic devices incorporated in the clothes.

Another View

A reader writes, "My point of view About Heflinger in 2020, I think scientific devices are not the only issue. Many other factors are to be considered such as gender identity. Girls and boys will more and more be dressed alike because childhood is a transitional step toward adulthood where women are more integrated in the working world. But in a leasure society where body forms are less covered, at least, shirts will be longer and legs not hidden as it is among adults since the industrial revolution. Textures will be varied but some like cotton or wool will stay because connected to natural products. Some connotations like "dress to kill" in the army will disappear in a world more oriented toward peace and green {environmental] policies . There will be a place for beauty like it was in the Renaissance which for me represents a "must" in the expression of humanity. "


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