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Figure 1.--American boys commonly wore knickers beginning in the 1910s. Only younger boys, however, wore them with white socks and sandals.

Many of you have submitted a variety of interesting comments about HBC. We welcome your comments. We appreciate the kind recognition of our work and the helpful suggestions about how to improve the site. Some of the comments are simple thank yous for the informatiion provided, which HBC greatly apprecaiates. Other comments have dealt with certain subject areas. Usually such comments are added into the subjects pages, but HBC has include a few of them here to provie a samoling of reader commentary.

Overall Reader Assessments

HBC has receives numerous short comments from readers. Most readers have found HBC to be a useful resource tool. Many readers have found HBC to be a nostalgic return to their childhood days. In the past we haven't saved them, but after some discussion we decided to save a few to provide a taste of how our readers view HBC. We also of course receive some criticisms. The most glaring is the spelling which is a problem HBC plans to correct. The other major criticism has been the lack of foreign language pages and the poor quality of the few translated pages. This is something HBC has done some work on recently.

Reader Subject Comments

HBC has received quite a number of very useful comment and insights by readers. In facr some of our most useful information has come from readers describing their experiences and providing informatiion on clothing styles when they wrre children. Information from European readers has been particularly valuable as HBC is an American site and our information on Europe is much more limited, especially as with the exception of Britain, sources in foreign languages limit our ability to researach continental European trens.


While not precisely comments, HBC reminds readers that there is a questions page where we archive interesting questions received by readers.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: February 1, 2000
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