Figure 1.--This photo was taken at the Kgafela primary school, in the village of Mochudi, Botswana, during sport time. Soccer is very popular in all Africa. It is a spoort which can be played without expensive equipment.

Botswana is the largest inland country of southern Africa, roughl;y the size of the American state of Texas. The terrain is mostly desert and savanna. Mich of the Kalahsri Desert is found in the south west of the country and even to the north, a great deal of the country is arid. The climate is largely subtropical. Even though the country is large, it is only lightly populated--slightly over 2 million people. The major ethnic groups are the Tswana (80 percent) and Kalanga (10 percent). There are small numbers of Kgalagadi, Herero, Bayeyi, Hambukush, Basarwa ("San"), Khoi, and Europeans. Most of the population is Christian (70 percent). While we have not gone into Botwana deeply, we dfo have a history page. Britain granted independence (1966). The country has been a rare African success story, both stable and growing economically. It is a parlimentary democracy that has maintained democratic ruile since independence, respecting human rights and promoting health and education. The country has important natural resources: diamonds, copper, nickel, coal, soda ash, salt, gold, and potash. Agriculture inlike many African countries is a vry small part of the economy, lsrgely because so much of the country is arid. Crops include: livestock, sorghum, white maize, millet, cowpeas, and beans. Mining is the most important economic ctibity, about 40 prercent of GDP. Other sectors include: tourism (marvelous parks and wildlife), textiles, construction, beef processing, chemical products production, food, and beverage production.


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