Guinean Sports: Rugby

Figure 1.--This is the rugby team at the Lyceum Albert Camus in Conakry, Guinea bout 2010. We have not yet been able to find much information on rugby in Guinea. The boys play barefoot.

Guinea is one of the West African Gulf of Guinea countries. Sports are increasigly popular in Guina, especially among the boys. Soccer is by far the most popular sport in Guinea as it is in all African countris. Soccer can be played anywhere and all that is needed is the ball. Sometimes substitutes are used for the ball. There are, however, other sports. On we notice is rugby. Rugby is a little more complicated than soccer and a nice grassy field is required. This limits the sport to a much smaller group of Guineans. A reader has sent us a photograph of a school rugby team, the Lyceum Albert Camus in Conakry, Guinea. We have, however, been able to find little information about rugby in Guinea.


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