Kenyan Parks

Figure 1.--Here is a little English boy filling a pond with water. He lives in Nairobie National Park. He will watch animals come to this pond to drink water here. Elephants and a baby Rhino were the first to pass by. Some children live in great places. His granny ran an Elephant sanctury.

There are over 55 national parks and reserves located all over the country. Kenya is famous worldwide for its game viewing in parks and reserves. The Wildebeest migration is one of the most amazing natural spectacles. Some are major international tourist sites, others are primatily used by Kenyan families. Some of the national parks are famous internationally. They are widely seen as among the best in all Africa. There is stunningly beautiful scenery and above all an amazing diversity of wildlie. The difference between National Parks and Reserves is that the parks are managed by the national Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) while the reserves are the responsibility of the local councils and tribes. There are vast difference between the various Kenyan national parks and reserves. Nairobi National Park is the most accesable and is a mere 30 minutes from Nairobi itself. And a good variety od wildlife is on disply here. Many visitors report that Masai Mara National Reserve is the most spectacular and here the visitor has a good chance of encountering all of the ‘Big Five’ animals (rhinos, elephants, lions, leopards and buffaloes). Lions which can be the most difficult to spot, are almost common in Masai Mara. We suspect that foreign visitors are the mainstay of many of these parks. We are unsure about the level of Kenyan attendance. The game parks can be expensive to visit as vehickes and guides are needed. We have no information on urban parks.


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