Senegal: Activities

Figure 1.-- This is a tourist postcard of presumably a father and son engaging in a traditional acribatic dance. We do not know what the name of the dance is, but notice the knife involved.

We do not have much information on boys' activities in Senegal. The most important at least since independence has been education. Othr importantv activities we want to cover are the arts, ceremonies, games, religion, and sports, among other activities. Many of these are modern activities, bur the arts, ceremonies, and games will have pre-colonial roots. There are often clothing and costuming associated with these activities. Dance is the easuest of the arts to capture with photography as is often a window into prepcolonial culture. . As is the case throughout sub-Saharan Africa, the primary sport of interest to boys is foitball or soccer. Hopefully Senegal readers will help with insights into these interwsting topics.


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