Democratic Republic of the Congo/ Zaire: Chronology

Congo clothing chronology
Figure 1.--This is Jean-Claude Williame on his First Communion (Communion solennelle) at Costermansville in the Belgian Congo during 1952. He is dressed a little more informally than might be the case in Belgium at the time. He wears a white shirt and shorts rather than a suit and white ankle socks. He is photogrphed with his mother and little sister.

Clothing in the Congo was very basic because of the warm tropical climate. There were a range of traditional styles which varied from tribe to tribe. Children generally went naked until puberty. There were major differences in the Congo during the 20th century. Our photographic archive is still quite limited. Thus we can not yet chronicle those differences in any substantial way. Of course the major difference was the transition from Belgian colony to independent state. We have found some images from the colonial era. Belgian colonists apparently brought albums and collections of photograhs back home when they left the Congo (1960). Thus we have a record of their experiences there. It seems to have been a life lived largely separate fron the native Congolese people, exept as servants or employees. A good example is a First Communion which we think was a Stanleyville ceremony just before independence (1958-59). We do not yet have much information about life in the Congo since independence. Hopefully we will evetually be able to expand this section. Modern Congolese generally wear European clothing to the extent hat they can afford it. Large quantities of used clothing from America and Europe are sold in local markets. Unfotunately we have not yet been able to connect with many readers from the Congo or other African countries enable us to develop information on their countries.


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