Nepal Activities

Figure 1.--Many Nepalese chhildren, especially the boys work. This photo was taken in the Himalayas, near Solaban. It shows a shepherd boy with his flock. In the summertime the hearders take their flocks into the high altitude pastures. Even at 5,000 m, shepherd boys go barefoot during the short Himalayan summer. Notice the Western clothing.

Nepal is an isolated, traditional country. And as a poor country, many children still have to work. Many children work in agriculture, especially on family farms. Boys often serve as shepards in remote locations. Many more children, including some girls now attend school than was the case in the past. Widespread School attendance is a modern phenomenon and heavily influenced by British connections. The first modern school was set up for the ruling family and court (1851). Few commoners received an educatiion only after a popular movement led to the end of the autocratic Rana family regime and the adoption of a democratic system (1951). School is now required for all Nepalese children between 6-10 years of age. School attendance is becoming widely accepted for boys, but it Nepal's conservative society are reluctant to send their girls to school. Religion is still a major activity, but outside secular influences are becoming more important. The population is primarily Hindu (80 percent). Shiva is seen as the guardian deity of the country. The famous Lord Shiva temple, the Pashupatinath Temple, attracts Hindus from all over the world for pilgrimage. Hindu mythology depicts the goddess Sita of the epic 'Ramayana' as being born in the Mithila Kingdom of King Janaka Raja. There is also a Buddhist minority (about 10 percent). The Nepalese are playing sports as foreign influences continue to affect Nepalese culture. The most important are British sports that have become important in neighboring India. The most popular are football fand cricket. There are also some traditional sports.


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