Australian Boys' Clothes: Activities--Outings

Figure 1.-- This family snapshot was taken in 1925 near Boolambayte, New South Wales. It shows the Macpherson Family during a picnic outing. We know that the grandfather of these kids was a minister of Free Presbyterian Church. nOte the sun hats. The children are barefoot.

We see Australian children involved in wide range of outings, commonly family outings. The major cities had parks, although the parks were not as well developed as European city parks. We do not yet have information on Australin city prks. Families might go out into the country for outings like picnics. Beaches became popular destinations for family outings, although we are not sure when this brgan. Of course today Australia is famed for its beautiful beaches, but we are unsure when they became popular. Some families in the 19th century dressed formally for these outings, similar to trends in Europe. We gradually see the adults and especially the children dressed more casually. In particular it was common for Australian children to go barefoot. This was not common in Europe, except for poor or working class children. We also notice the adults and children wearing sun hats.


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