Australian Toys and Play Items

Figure 1.--This family snap shot was taken in Australia during 1978. We can see a group of four boys with their 'banana seats' bicycles, so popular at the time. The boys' clothes look more American (Califorrian) than British., both the T-shirts and short pants. Besides the car and tucked in T-shirts, the boys going barefoot would help destinguish Australian from American boys.

We do not have much on Australian toys yet. Australia is a a small country in trms of population and thus does not have a huge photographic record in comparison to America, Britain, Germany and other countries. And unlike America and Europe, distance has mean less dispersal of photographs. As best we can tell, the toys Austrilian children played through World War II were brimarily English toys. This means Mecano rather than Erector sets. Austrlian trade was still primarily with Britain. We do not know of any specifically Australian toys. We supose that a boomerang might be agood candidate, but we are not sure that boys commonly played with them. Mostly australian children played with toys created ad often maufactured in other countries. After the war, trade diversified and America became more important. Another factor at play here is that Austrlia nenefitted from the post-War recovery an expansion, both in Japan and America. Affluence of course affects toy purchases. We hope to expand this section as we acquire more information on Australia. Before the War, bicycles were popular, but many families could not afford them. After the War as the modern economy began to take shape, most families could now aford bikes. We note photographs of boys riding bikes in the 1970s that look very American.


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