Australian Boys' Clothes: 1938 Advertisement

Juvenile Clothing: 1938--FITFORM JUNIOR

York Street, Sydney, introduce the "Alongalife" (regd.) shirt which, with the "Alongalife' (regd.) knicker. makes a useful summer outfit. The "Alongalife" shirt is cut on body-Btting lines with full length back and open front. The specially constructed and reinforced collar is cut without a stand and is eaually smart worn open or with a tie. In this shirt, which may be worn with any stvie knicker, tears caused by the strain on belt and buttons are eliminated. Materials vsed are "Ritzo" in royal, saxe, areen and fawn, self-colour sliibs, woven noplins and a new double printed poplin. The "Alongagrip" knickers featurinq an extension front belt, elastic insets and American side pockets are made up in grey and navy fancy worsteds and grev and fawn Ooncoal effects. The "Alonqalife" suit, which has an attached reinforced seat piece, extension allowance on sleeves and knicker (short pants) and extra buttons, is made up in smart check tweeds, grey and navy tropical suitings, fancy worsteds in grey, navy and brown, and in the new Colleqe plain grey. the latter also featured in youths' sack and trousers suits, smartly cut with D.B. labels, 2-button naiger, full optima front and full sports cut trousers. Other ranqes are in check and fancv design worsteds and serqes. An "Alonqalife" shirt is offered with a beach-cut knicker in British khaki drill, guaranteed dye, for summer school wear.

Beach shorts in khaki and navy drill are cut to ensure a straight and wide effect over hips and thighs. Ranger shirts with matching ties come in a new cut in fancy slubs in greens, grey, blue and fawn, and marl stripe cambrics. Other ranges are in figured British cambrics and reversible plain shades in British poplin. Long trousers for boys and youths in plain and striped flannels, navy serges, college greys, sergerettes and fancy worsteds in the latest sports shades and neat grev stripes are cut with full spring hips. wide bottoms and in the higher grades, with extension bands, fob and hip pockets and pleated front.

Sports coats are shown in check and striped tweeds and check Donegal effects.

Paterson, Laing & Bruce Ltd.

Melbourne, who carry all requirements For boys and youths in the one department, have opened seasonable lines in shirts, shirts and pyjamas, vests, etc. Full ranges are stocked of mercery, hose, bathing trunks and swim suits.

The hat section has a good range of Peter Pan hats in various cotton washing materials and Bemberqs. Blouses in a full size range cover striped Bemberg, Fuji silk, etc.

Suits for boys and youths are available in fancy blue worsteds, college greys, etc.


Wynyard Square, Sydney, give prominence to a new line of ranger suits in "Hollyette.' a reliable British material, in plain shades of green, fav.-n and blue and in two-tone effects made up with open neck and short sleeves. Stripes, checks and fancy >>>>
[Articles appearing in The Draper of Australia, August 1938]

Christopher Wagner

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