** Australian boys clothes: collars

Australian Boys' Garments: Collars

Figure 1.--This cabinet card shows two beoithers about 4-9 years old wearing large Eton collars over a some kind of a jacket or coat that also has a large collar. The portrsot is indated, but looks rrther like the 1890s, in part becuse oif the mount. The studio was Townsend Duryea in Adelaide.

We do not yet have much information on Australian boys' collars. As far as we can tell they were identical to English styles. Climate may have had some impact, given the warmer climate, but we do not yet have any information on this. Thus would have affected the more formal collrs that were widely worn during the 19th century. As in England, we see boys wearing Eton and other detachable collars in the 19th century. We also believe that boys wore shirt-waists in the 19th century, but this not captured in the studio photography when the boys were dressed up. Rather formal styles persisted until after World War II, similar to the British patterns. After World War II, more informal Anerican styles became increasingly popular.


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