Australian Boys' Hair Styles

Figure 1.--If this CDV portrait did have the photographer's information, we would have thought it was English. It looks to havebeen taken about 1870. There is a ghostly image of two adults. Somehow the photographic plate must have received a double exposure. The portrait was taken by C.Hewitt in Melbourne. The boy looks to be about 3 years old and has loosely curled ringlets. I think this is a bitton-on suit with very baggy kneepants that have an unusual 'v' notch. He also has white ankle socks and strap shoes.

Australian boys have generally worn short hair cuts. The styles appear to be similar to those in England. Dashions followed English styls and so did hair styles. Our archive of Australian images is fairly limited and we can not yet make a detailed assessment of Australian hair styles. We know little about the 10th century. Short-back-and-sides seem a stanfard style during the first half of the 20th centyry. We have, however, began to develop some information. While we notice boys primarily with short hair, we have found some mostly younger boys wearing short hair. We note that a few Australian boys in the late 19th and very early 20th century with long hair, as was the fashion in England. We note one Australian boy wearing ringlet curls. More commonly the long hair was not done in ringlets.


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