** English families -- Alexanders 1850s

English Families: The Alexanders (1850s)

Figure 1.--Here we see the Alexander family, sometime in the mid-1850s. Note the tunic suit the younger boy is wearing. Also notice the pantalettes the girl is wearing.

Here we see a substantial Victorian family in the 1850s. Unfortunately we do not know where in England they lived. This is the family of John B. and Anna Alexander. They had 10 children. Victorian families could be quite large. This print came from the photographer's personal album, which had a date range of 1853-1857 on the album itself. The photographer was Richard Dykes Alexander. He is also the father/father-in-law and grandfather. Richard Dykes Alexander was a noted amateur photographer and a leader in the English temperance movement. There appear to be seven girls and three boys, although I am not positive about the younger children. The younger boys wears a tunic and notice that it is not a suit in that the tunic and trousers do not match. He also wears what looks like an Eton collar. The girls all wear dresses. Notice the pantalettes.


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