Lausanne Group: Clothing Trends (1869)

Figure 1.-- This is an intriguing portrait taken in Lausanne, Switzerland of 11 boys who have been participating in a team game of some kind - all are named on the back of the Cdv. Some are wearing a rosette on their shirts indicating success of some kind perhaps? I think that Basil Hardcastle is seated at the right with the check shirt and Norman Hardcastle is at the left rear holding a pole and wearing a dark shirt. Image courtesy of the MD collection.

Note that several of the boys here are wearing what was to become the traditional English school cap. Although in the 1860s is appears to have been more of a games (sports) cap. Here the image is so wide that we had to cut it in two. We are not precisely sure when the school cap first appeared, but this portrait shows that it wa being worn in the 1860s. Note that the boys here wearboth long pants and knickers with long stockings. The conventions of kneepants or knickers for boys was not yet furmly estanlished in the 1860s. Thi is just one of many 1860s images from England, America, and other counties that shows boys wearing long trousers.


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Created: April 7, 2003
Last updated: April 7, 2003