English Boys' Headwear: Hats--Sun Hats

Figure 1.--Here unidentified English children are enjoying themselves during the summer in a small boat in a small riverine marsh. Notice their sun hats. The snapshot was dated 1932.

The one hat that became popular in the early-20th century and is still worn is the sun hat. It was not a school style, but rather worn at home during summer vacations. We see many different styles. They were informal styles worn as the name suggests worn during the summer. The dictionary definition is 'a wide-brimmed hat that protects your head from the sun'. This describes the styles that became popular for girls. Here we see many diifrent styles, including a range of flamboyant styles. Women and girls are always willing to experiment and stand out. Boy tend to be more conservative. Any the style that gradually popular for boys over time was as unflamboyant as can be imagined. These were soft hats which could be crumpled up. The geneal style was a flatish top with a variety of brims, mostly narrow brims. They looked like kind of an inverted bucket. Early versions had wide brims which were turned down. But the narrow brims became more popular for boys over time. May girls continue to wear the wide-brimmed styles.


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Created: 12:04 PM 3/9/2019
Last updated: 12:05 PM 3/9/2019