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HBC has noted reference in English books and newspapers to council estates and council housing. Some authors write about "council school boys". These terms have also come up in several of the HBC personal experience pages in the Englisg and other British sections. These references refer to children attending school in poor areas. A council estate would be referred to in the United States as public housing for low-income families.

Council Housing

Council Housing was an attempt by the local authority to provide afordable, good quality housing for low income families. Social trend of slum properities rented out by criminal houseing magnates, I.E Rackman 1960s. That was the concept but pretty soon affluent families, prefering rented property, occupied this type of housing and the social barriers of the classes became somewhat blurred. Hense the program in the 1980's to sell off council houses to the tenants. There were also 'scandles' in the early days of council house building. The criticism that the council housing department built houses which were more costly to build than similar houses built in the private sector. Many of these houses still stand today and are regarded as good quality homes. Big scandles in public housing projects did not emerge until the 1970s when it was discovered that council housing departments had been bribed to build high rise apartments that were designed for warmer climates.

Literary Refrences

Brian Burland in Love is a Duarable Fire writes, " ... Dicky was skinny, dark-haired and had a very pale complexion. He wore strange high-laced black boots, long socks (the wrong kind, his aunts said, becasue they had a pattern on the top. 'A young gentleman never wears long socks with a pattern - they're for council school boys), navy blue shorts, and a grey jacket with three buttons always done up [Burland, p. 88.]


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Burland, Bria. Love is a Duarable Fire (ISBN 0-586-08556-4).


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Created: July 1, 2003
Last updated: July 1, 2003