English Photography: Snapshots--Chronology

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Figure 1.--This 1951 snapshot had a very narrow white border. It was an unusual format. It was similar to the stanfard 3X5" postcard size, but much wider. We have not seen many examples of this.

When trying to date indated snapshots you can go to the chronological pages above to see if the characteristics of your photo matches the suspected decade. Or yoiu can look at the chronological range for the various characterustucs detailed here. When trying to date undated The various prints provide clues as to when the photographs were taken. Many early snapshots were done with postcard backs. And the 3x5" postcard format became the default size of most snapshots and the film size. The size, dimensioins, format, borders, and edges all had different time frames when they were popular, just like the CDV/cabinet card mounts provided dating clues. The white borders like the snapshot on the previous page were common in the first half of the 20th century. The width of the borders varied. The borders were caused by the need to hold the photographic paper flat. The width of the borders varied. Thus the features and chateristics can be used to help date the many undated images we have found.


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