English Photography: Snapshots--Chronology

English snapshot
Figure 1.--Here we see a square format English snapshot taken on a Whit Friday whit walk somewhere in England. Notice the rather wide white margin.

We see some family photographs before the turn-of the 20th century. We are not sure that they can be called sanp shots. The cameras were bulky and difficult to use. No simple point and shoot cameras existed. And the processoing was complicated. Fathers taking these photographs needed to be photographic entusiasts willing to devote time and money to their hobby. This all cahnged with the Kodak Brownie (1900). Virtually anyone could now take a photograph. All you had to do was to point the ameral in the right direction and click the shutter. Than when all the exosures take, mail gthe camera back to Kodak. It was virtually fool proof. The resulting prints susequently varied in different ways which we can follow decacade by decade. Most early prints were done in 3x5" postcard size ptints. A major variant for many years was the white border found on many sanpshots. This was needed to keep the photographic paper flat during the printing process, but width of the margin help to date it. We see a medium width white margin on the previous page (1930s). Other indicators were the size and dimensions of the paper. The paper edging also caried with both smooth and serated edges. After World War II we begin to see some dates printed in the white margin. We begin to see color snapshots (1940s), but they were not common until much later (1970s). We begin to see more square prints (1960s). Printed snapshots began to decline with the turn of the 21st centuey and the rise of digital photography. One helpul feature of some digiatal images is that some had water mark dates.


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