French Rompers: Demographics

French rompers
Figure 1.--Here we see three French boys in 1946 wearing rompers. They were Andre, Pierre, and Michel. They lived on a farm. Note the older boys wear bib-front rompers while the younger boy wears a romper suit.

We have begun to work on demographic trends associated with rompers. One might think that rompers were a style mostly worn by boys in the fashionable big cities. Stylish clothes were as always most notable in the cities. And this may be the case for dressy rompers, this we are still not sure of you. It seems likely that stylish clothes, especially fancy clothes, like stylish clothes in general were less common in villages and rural areas. We do, however, see boys in rural areas wearing rompers. So far the ones we have found are play rompers. Here our archive is somewhat limited so the availability of images may not be an accurate indivator of actual trends. Our initial assessment, however, is thst the popularity of rompers was very widespread throughout France including rural areas during the period in which rompers were especially popular (1930s-60s).


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