French Rompers: Special Events

Figure 1.--This unidentified French boy wears a romper outfit for a Christmas Party in 1952. Unfortunately it is a poor quality image family snapshot, but it is dated. Notice he is wearing a sweater because it is a little chilly. A reader writes, "I think he is a boy wearing a button on romper suit and unusually a very large floppy bow -- perhaps a Christmas touch. I think the hair is a bit shorter than it appears in the photo because there is a shadow behind the child making his hair look longer. The bow the romper pants seem to be the same color."

Rompers wre both play outfits and dress-up outfits. We note magazine fashion pages showing boys dressed up in rompers for holiday celebrations. We notice an older boy even shown with white gloves weaing a dressy romper outfit. And we see fashion pages with a holiday setting. A 'Le petit echo de la mode' Christmas page shows boy in a romper suit. The most common seem to be were Easter and Christmas. This was especially common for school pagents, but it was not just pajent outfits. We also see boys dressed up in rompers for celebrations at home. This appears to have been both outfits that the boys may have been worn to celebrations and visits to friends and families. We note an image of a younger brother wearing a romper suit to church for his brother's First Communion. They were also worn at home for the family celebration. We do not have a lot of family snapshots yet showing this, but we have found a few such images. The family snapshot here in 1952 is a good example. (figure 1). Most of the boys wearing these outfits for special occassions were pre-school boys. We are not sure about the age of the boy here. A reader believes he looks aboyt 6-years old. That sounds about right. We might guess 5-6 years old. It is a littl difficult to tell because it was a poor quality image.


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