German Boys' Clothes: Coordinated Outfits--Popularity

Figure 1.-- These German brothers had their portrait taken in matching sailor suits. Presumably it was during the summer as they are not wearing their dickies. The portrait is undated, but was probably taken in the 1930s.

We have noted that many German mothers liked to dress their children in identical outfits. We have noted this practice in many countries, but it seems to have been especially popular in Germany. Our principal indicator here is the number of family portraits we have found. Most of these images are 20th century portraits. We do not have any subtantiation that this practice was more popular in Germany than other countries yet, but we have noted numerous photographs of brothers and sisters wearing identical or coordinated outfits. Thus seems more true of Germany than any other country. Often for these coordinated outfits, traditional styles were chosen.


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Created: 1:21 AM 1/10/2006
Last updated: 1:21 AM 1/10/2006