German Boys' Headwear: Smoking Caps

Figure 1.-- The boy here had his portait taken in Mülheim/Ruhr, about 1900. He wears a sailor suit with a cap. We are mot sureprecisely wht to call it. Click on the image to see the boy with his coat off.Image courtesy of the BP collection.

We do not know the English or German term. We are not at all sure what these caps were called. We have seen a similar cap made for adults, often with a tassle. They were called smoking caps. Of course the boys' caps would not be ca;;ed this. We have seen catalogs that call them caps without a proper name. They seem to be hat crowns with out brims. This seems to have been a popular style during the late 9th century. We do not see them much in the 20th century, except the early 1900s. This was a fairly common style in America. We are less sure aout Germany.


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Created: 1:05 AM 11/28/2006
Last updated: 1:05 AM 11/28/2006