German Boys' Garments: Headwear--Stocking Caps

Figure 1.--These rural boys in the Black Forrest area about 1953 both wear woolen stocking caps with little poms. I'm not sure what color they were. Notice that both boys wear suspenders over their sweaters which are tucked in their pants.

We note images of German children wearing stocking or watch caps during the 1950s. They presumably wore these caps earlier, but we have no chronological information at the time. The early stocking caps were no doubt wool. Now some are made in synthetic fibers. The earlier images we note are black and white and we are this unsure about the colors. More recent caps are made in many bright colors as well as patterns. The caps are normally worn with poms. They were worn by both boys and girls. I am not sure about age trends, but seem to be most popular with primary school age children. In Germany and Austria stocking caps are called Eine Pudelmütze. "Pudel" is a dog and Mütze is a cap. Sometimes they are just called simply eine Mütze.


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Created: March 9, 2002
Last updated: 12:06 AM 6/30/2007