German Sailor Headwear: Gender Trends

Figure 1.--This cabinet card shows an unidentified brother and sister. They look to be bout 4-8 years old. The girl wearscwhat looks like an eight-sided tam of some kind. Perhaps a reader will konw how to desctibe it better. She has a dark dress with unusual lace trim. Her brother wears a standard sailor cap with an open front jacket sailor suit. The portrait is undated, but the clothes and mount suggest the 1900s to us. The studiuo was Johannes Capetain in Vallendar am Rhein.

We note a wide range of headwear worn by German boys and girls. Most were gender specific, but several of the primarily girls' styles could be worn by younger boys. As the children got older, the gender conventions became more pronounced. The primary type of headwear was hats in the 19th century for both both boys and girls. We note both flat- and rounded-crown hats. Broad-brimmed hats became very popular in the late-19th and early-20th centuyry. The primary exception here was the school caps that the boys wore. The girls in contrast had no destinctive school headwear. Ascsailor styles became more populat we see forst nboys wearing not just sailor hats, but sailor caps as ell. By the end of the century we even see some girls wearing sailor caps as well. This began to change at the turn-of-the 20th century. Boys began to wear caps and hats became much less common. Sailor caps became very popular. So did youth group caps and during the NAZI era, Hitler youth caps were mandatory, but varied. We also see berets. The Schirmmütze was a destintive German cap. After mid-century, headwear in general began to become less common. Girls continued to wear primarily hats, but we begin to see other styles like tams. Stocking caps becamne common winterwear for both boys and girls.


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Created: 8:07 PM 8/22/2018
Last updated: 8:07 PM 8/22/2018