German Boys' Headwear: Peaked Military Caps--Chronology

Figure 1.-- This unidentified German portrait is undated. We would guess the portrait was taken in the early 1920s, in part because of the Schiller collar which was fashionable in the 1920s. He wears a peaked army-style cap with a sailor suit. This cap looks more military tha many we have noted. Click on the image for a colorized version. Image courtesy of the BP collection.

These caps were worn by German boys in the 19th century. While German school boys did not wear uniforms, often they did wear uniform caps. While we have noted numerous images of German boys wearing these caps, unfortunatly few are dated. We have very few 19th century images. Most of the photographic image we have are from the eraly 20th century. They were populatr in the 1900s and 10s. Many of these images are from First Day of school portraits. We also note them being commonly worn in the 1920s, especially before 1925. We still see them in the 1930s, but much less commonly.


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