German Boys' Headwear: Peaked Military Caps--Sailor Suits

Figure 1.--This boy, probably in the 1900s, was photographed for his first day of school. He wears a peaked army-style cap with a sailor suit. This cap looks more military tha many we have noted. Image courtesy of theMD collection.

These caps have a distinct army look to them. Even so, we note that these caps were often worn with sailor suits. German boys also wore sailor caps and hats with their sailor suits. The peaked caps, however, were very commonly worn with sailor suit by younger boys. Sailor caps were more common, but quite a number of boys wore these caps. This was particularly common in Germany. We are not sure why an army style cap became so popular to wer with sailor suits. I believe that they were worn because they were a traditional student cap style, not because they were an army style.


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Created: March 3, 2003
Last updated: March 3, 2003