German Lace Collars: Gender

Figure 1.--Here we see a CDV portrait detail showing two of the three children photographed, we assume siblings. The portrait is not dated, but we would guess was taken in the early-1890. in part because of the dress styles, especially the sleeves. The dresses also have large lace collrs . These two younger children are probably girls, here the center hair part is an indicator. Although the hair in this case is very short. The portrait was taken in Reichenbach, Germany

Both German boys and girls wore lace collars in the 19th century. We see boys and girls wearing all kinds of different lace collars done in a variety of shapes. We have archved several mimages of German boys with lace coillars, modst dating to the 19th century. Lace cillars do not, however, seem as popular for boys in Germant as they were for American boy. To date we have found more images of girls with lace collars than boys wearing them. A factor here is that thec Funtleroy stylewas not as popular in Gernany as it was in America and several other European countries. Our 19th century German archive is still limited so it is difficult to draw any firm conclusions. And we have the additioinal problem tht children re often not identified in period portaits which means that we are often not sure about gender. Here we think the children wearing dresseses with lace clooars are probbly girls, although we are not entirely sure (figure 1).


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Created: 2:16 AM 10/29/2007
Last updated: 2:13 AM 2/22/2008