German Blouse Suit Jackets: Types

Figure 1.--These imacuately groomed German siblings in this cabinet card look to be about 10-12 years old. The boy wears a blouse suit jacket with an Eton-like collar and floppy bow. The suit is complete with knickers and long stickings. The girl has long hair and and a hair bow. She wears a dress that seems to have a lace collar as part of the dress. The portrait is undated, but we would guess was taken in the 1900s in part because of the mount style.

We notice two types of these blouse jackets. Here we ate still assessing if the jackets were constructed differently or just worn differently. Perhaps our German reades will know more. And as we archive more images we will be able to learn more about this. The first tyoe had shirt-like pointed collars. They are essentially attached collars part of the jacket and made in the same material as the jacket and pants. They look like the collar buttining jackets only with the bloised waists. Here we can often see the shirt waists worn underneath. The second type did not have collars or at least the collars were covered with large white collars like Eton collars. Here we are are not entirely sure what is under the detachable collar, but it looks to us that here is no jacket collar there. This needs to be confirmed. We see both classic Eton collars as well as collars that had rounded rather than the pointed collars of the classic Eton. Here there was a considerable amountb of diversity. We mostly see large white Eton-like collars. There may have been other detachable collars woen. We are still assessing that at this time. The white collars were worn both with and without floppy bows, usually fairly moderate sized bows.


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Created: 11:55 AM 7/27/2013
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