German Bang Styles: Dutch Boy Bangs

Figure 1.-- This unidentified German photograph was taken about 1930. The boy is unidentified, but looks to be about 4-5 years old. He has Dutch boy bangs, although we are not sure what the Germanscalled gthis haur style. He wears a button-on short pants outfit, three-quarter socks, and strap shoes. Notice the great hobby horse and crop.

Americans associate bangs with the Dutch. Bangs in America are even reffered to as "Dutch boy bangs" if they have long hair at the side. This is also called a Prince Valliant cut. The Dutch tend to call it a "pony", although pagekopje or "page" is also used. I'm not sure how the Germans refer to these cuts. Bangs were very common for German boys, although the Dutch boy bangs with long hair at the sides were much less common. Cropped hair was much more more common for German boys, but longer styles behan to become more popular in the 1920s. . We see some younger boys from well-to-do families with Dutch boy bangs in the 1930s. These were almost always pre-school boys. We also see Dutch boy bangs even with older boys when longer styles began to vecome popular in the 1970s. They were less common by the end of the cebntury when shortrt styles began to be more popular.


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Created: 7:41 AM 6/14/2011
Last updated: 7:41 AM 6/14/2011