German Religious Traditions: Other Religious Celebrations

Figure 1.--Here we see a procession in an unidentified German town during the 1950s. We think it is some kind of religious procession.

A German reader reports, "There were some other customs, too, that should illustrate the events of the church year to the church goers: At Ascension Engelstanz or Engelsauffahren is one of them: wooden sculptures (representing Jesus and Angels with candles) were drawn to the ceiling of the church. Or at Pentecost, a dove (wooden or living) was drawn in the church with burning straw falling down (representing the Holy Ghost and fire tongues)." We also note a lot of local ceremobies and festivals. Every German town and village have their own destinctive festivals and traditions. Son\me are associated with major holidays. Others are entirely local. There are normally important religious elements to hese celebrations. We note many photographs of processions and festivals that we can not identify. Hopefully our German readers willl be abkle to provide some insights.


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Created: 12:36 AM 6/15/2009
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